Abaca Rugs

Abaca Rugs were designed purposely to grab the spotlight and make an impression when in a room. Handwoven by artisans in the philippines from the fibers of the banana tree leaves the rugs have a beautiful elegant glossy shine to the fabric.

Stair Runners

Stair runners provide a transformative appearance. Whether you’re looking for a distinctive pattern to individualise your home, or searching for a more rustic effect using woven patterns, Cotswold Flooring can tailor its services to your wishes.


Whether you’re searching for cool blues and greens or a more neutral beiges and greys, we’ve got the colour palette to complete your room.

Stone Floor

The impact stone flooring has on a room is an unbeatable finish. We can provide you with a range of stone flooring options which have the capacity to enhance any room.

Wood Floor

Wood flooring can make a room glow instantly, building the character of a room from the floor upwards.Wood flooring is diverse and suitable for varied design choices, no matter the size or interior of your room.