Abaca Rug & Carpet


Abaca Rugs were designed purposely to grab the spotlight and make an impression when in a room. Handwoven by artisans in the philippines from the fibers of the banana tree leaves the rugs have a beautiful elegant glossy shine to the fabric.

Abaca Rug under table

The material

Abaca Rugs are very soft underfoot and have a exquisite beauty to the feeling of the materials. An Abaca Rug will elevate and delight any space that it occupies. Abaca Rugs are available in two metallic yet earthy tones.

Abaca Rug in Bedroom


Please note: Abaca Rugs are made to order so there can be a turnaround time of about 16 weeks.

Origin Country: Philippines
Where can it be used: Residential | EN 1307 - Class 22+
Material: Abaca
Construction Method: Handwoven
Finishing: No additional finishing necessary (self edge)
Max Width: 16’ 5”
Depth: 0.94"
Weight per sq ft: 1lbs